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Nowadays, the name of Duhok (Kurdish: "Little Village") does the most important commercial and cultural capital of the province of Duhok no longer justice.

The "little village" is now the main trade route between Iraqi Kurdistan and the Turkish parts north of the border. 470 km away from Baghdad, the city of Duhok, with its 255,364 inhabitants resides at 585m above sea level between the mountains Spirez and Segrgan.

The landscape of the region is determined by the mild Mediterranean climate and is rich in contrast of lush vegetation and bare rock mountains of bizarre and distinctive beauty. Thus, the true treasures of this historic region unfold especially on day trips into the exciting and scenic surroundings.

From the northern mountain Spirez springs the "Duhok River." From the waters of this river an artificial lake is fed, famous for its natural pools and waterfalls and offering numerous recreational activities and greatly visited by the inhabitants of the city.

Even the major civilizations of the ancient world knew to appreciate the beauty of the region and left their lasting traces  around the university city.

The historical site Hetot that lies to the east of the city, as well as the 2,500 year old temple of Saradughen, which can be found in the northern mountain Besre bear witness of  a cultural past, starting over more than 6,000 years ago. Further archaeological excavations in the south of Duhok revealed 4,000 years old statues of the gods of the Ilamites, representing among others the deity "Shand" (Son of God "Mordog" and brother of God "Schinak").

Even the famous Dalal bridge that crosses the Khabur River near the city of  Sakho since about 400 BC and the place "Muzurian", already mentioned on Assyrian clay tablets found in Nineveh (now Mosul), show evidence of the former civilizations of the region. Close by is the famous Yezidian temple Lalesch and the historic town Khan "Shekhan", founded around 1,500 BC.

70 kilometers North of Duhok lays the historic city of Amedi, whose origins date back to 3,000 BC. The city is surrounded by a unique blend of gardens, trees and rivers, which is perfect for unforgettable rest beneath the shades of ancient cultures.

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