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The cultural capital of Iraqi Kurdistan is a center for intellectuals and the arts. Sulaymaniyah is called Kurdistan’s "most secular" city, more open to culture and science than religion. It is said that there is a library behind every door in Sulaymaniyah.

Called “Slemani” by the Kurds, the lively city of 807,000 inhabitants is also known as the "Paris of Iraq", which is not only due to the vibrant and vital cultural life and in the boulevard-like architecture of its streets.

Sulaymaniyah is - like the French capital - a "city of love", because the coexistence of the citizens of this city is characterized by respect and mutual affection. Sulaymaniyah is an open-minded city and its inhabitants are friends of the fine arts and music, they love to have fun, to dance and to enjoy live. Here they live with their different roots together peacefully side by side. Besides the mosques there are many churches and Jewish synagogues.

Numerous cafes, bars and restaurants shape Sulaymaniyah’s unique, lively character, with its pleasantly mild Mediterranean climate. These are the places of intellectual exchange as well as meeting the established religions, cultures and generations who enjoy the oriental life, with its culinary temptations.

The historical development of the city is told in several museums, such as the City Museum, the Ethnographic Museum, and in particular the Red Security Museum. They invite visitors to explore the city and its diverse cultural history in detail.

In many cinemas, theaters and concert halls Sulaymaniyah, as the Capital of Culture, presents its modern aspects of live and culture. The best known is the Art and Culture Palace, also known as the "Tower of the arts."

Another distinctive feature of Sulaymaniyah are its many traditional markets and bazaars, the variety of goods offered almost seems uncountable. The bazaars most known are: the Kaiseri of Wasman, Pasha and Kaiseri Naqip, famous for their sale of drapery and spices.

And even on the outskirts of Sulaymaniyah and its surrounding regions, there is much to discover: Sar Jnar, Ahmad Awa, Dokan, Sar Bamo Taki, Kule Masie, Azmar, Qaradax and the valley of Yasin Tapa, the Cave of Kiskapan and especially the cave of Hazar Mert, in which the remains of a Neanderthal man were discovered.



The second most important city of the Autonomous Region of Kurdistan is located in the Northeast of Iraq. The province borders on Iran in the East. The city is surrounded by the mountain ranges of Azmar in the North, Goizja and Qaiwan in the Northeast. Because of its secular attitude the city is also called „Paris of Iraq."


approx. 1.500.000 (2012), mainly Kurds, Christians, Arabs


In summer temperatures reach up to 45 degrees Celsius. In winter there is often snow and temperatures occasionally drop below zero. During winter often strong winds blow through the city, therefore the Kurds often call Sulaymaniyah the "city of winds". Due to the high mountains around it, rain is not uncommon.


The airport is located about 15 km outside Sulaymaniyah town and was opened in 2005. Dokan Air flies weekly from Stockholm, Dusseldorf and Munich to Sulaymaniyah.

Sardam Gallery:

Well-known art gallery. Exhibitions of various contemporary Kurdish artists.


Amna Suraka:

Amna Suraka means "Red Security" in Kurdish. Under the regime of Saddam Hussein, the building was a headquarter of the feared Iraqi Intelligence Service. Thousands, mainly Kurds, have been held here and tortured. It is an impressive testimony of the atrocities of the regime. Famous is the hall of mirrors, a 50 m long corridor with over 182,000 chips of mirror for all the victims of the terror.

Slemani Museum:

Archaeological Museum of Sulaymaniyah. Displays the history of Mesopotamia from 15,000 years BC until the golden age of Islam.

Great Bazaar:

Sulaymaniyahs Bazaar alongside Malawi-Street and Goran-Street is one of the largest traditional bazaars in the region. Looking hard enough, you will find anything in the shops here. In the covered areas of the Bazaares primarily food, fragrant herbs and sweets of all kinds are sold.

Azadi Park:

Gardens, playgrounds, restaurants or cafes: The Azadi Park offers everything your heart desires. Especially on Fridays the park is a must. All people come here to picnic or relax near the lake. Also an amusement park is located in one of the corners of the park.

Sardam Gallery:

Well-known art gallery. Exhibitions of various contemporary Kurdish artists.

Sulaymaniyah Surroundings


Mount Azmar is located about 10 km outside the city. During Nowruz, the Kurdish New Year in March, a popular tourist destination. Whatever the season, it is always worth to do a trip to the summit. There it has spectacular views of the entire city and surrounding areas.


Resort, about 60 km southeast of Sulaymaniyah, near the Iranian border. The scenery is beautiful, green place with shade and coolness-giving trees. A bit out of town there is a 30m high waterfall.

Lake Dokan:

The largest lake in Iraqi Kurdistan, near the town of Ranya. The dam of the reservoir was built back in the 1950s and is mainly used for water storage and power generation. A popular destination in the region with great hotels.

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